Advance Excel with VBA

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Advance Excel VBA Course | Advance Excel VBA Course In Laxmi Nagar | Advance Excel VBA Training Institute In Laxmi Nagar

What is VBA, and how does it relate to Excel?

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is a programming language that enables the automation of processes in Office Software. The version for Microsoft Excel is Excel VBA. Therefore, you may create and store the steps for any Excel tasks you perform frequently using VBA. The macro is this series of instructions or steps that has been saved. Similar to a saved action is a macro. In essence, you can assign the stages in Excel VBA, and the macro will execute those actions. The Macro Recorder in Excel can also be used to generate macros; in practise, you’ll probably combine the two methods. With Macro Recorder, you may record, and VBA can be used to add unique steps. You are permitted to create multiple macros.

Advance Excel with VBA I

  • Develop a macro
  • Format worksheets using macros
  • Create an interactive worksheet
  • Work with multiple worksheets in Excel
  • Perform calculations

Excel VBA and Macros Level II

  • Navigate a workbook using offsets, range names, and variables
  • Analyse data using looping structures, in combination with if and case statements
  • Create user interface structures to capture multiple variable inputs
  • Control the lifetime and scope of variables
  • Create automated event processes
  • Create automation to handle unforeseen errors and events

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