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Computer Fundamental Course | Computer Fundamental Course In Laxmi Nagar | Computer Fundamental Training In Laxmi Nagar 
Computer is an electronic machine, that process the input data according to the give instruction and give a result. Today Computer knowledge is very import for our good carrier, Computer use is common in homes, institutions, businesses, and education, it is also an integral part of the services, entertainment, and other sectors.
Types of Computer:- Analog computer, Digital computer, Hybrid computer, Mainframe Computer, Mini computer, Super computer, Work station, Micro Computer etc.
Element of computer system 

A computer is made up of integrated components (input and output device, storage, (CPU) that work together to perform the required out.

The input and output units Can not function Until they receive signal from the CPU. Similarly, the storage unit or the CPU alone is of no use. So The usefulness of each unit depends on other units and can we realized only when all units are put together (integrated) to form us system. Computer system has to major Elements. These are:
  1. Hardware 
  2. Software 

Course Syllabus 

  • Introduction of Computer 
  • Fundamental of Computer 
  • Notepad
  • Paint 
1. Generation of computer 
  • First Generation of computer (1946 to 1958)
    • Vacuum tubes Uses  
  • Second Generation of computer (1959 to 1964)
    • Transistor were used  
  •  Third Generation of computer (1965 to 1974)
    •  ICs were used in place of Transistor  
  • Fourth Generation of computer (1975 to 1990)
    • VLSI and Micro Processer are used
  • Fifth Generation of computer (1990 to Till now)
    • Intelligent processing  

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