Institute of Computer Programming  in Laxmi Nagar 

Computer Programming in Laxmi Nagar

In the fast-paced world of technology, computer programming has emerged as an essential skill that fuels innovation and shapes the future. In India, where the IT industry is booming, the demand for skilled programmers is constantly increasing. Amidst this landscape, DSCS Institute has emerged as a leading educational institution that imparts cutting-edge programming skills to students and makes them professionals in their field. This blog is about the journey, vision and impact of DSCS Institute in revolutionizing computer programming education in India.

Why should we learn programming languages:-

  • A career in coding and programming has great earning potential.
  • The demand for coding jobs continues to be high.
  • Coding skills provide a new perspective on problem solving.
  • Learning to code offers career flexibility.
  • Coding can come in handy for jobs you might not expect.
  • You can create whatever you want.
  • You can go to work from home.
  • Understand how the software works.

Types of Computer Programming Languages

C, C

C, an extension of C – which we said was easy to learn – is a general-purpose programming language. The Google Chromium browser, several Microsoft applications, and even Morgan Stanley’s financial modeling are all done in C.
It has a complex syntax that supports versatility
It’s a permissive language – you can do anything that’s technically possible, even if it’s not logically correct.
It is best learned by someone who already has the basics of C programming


Python is always recommended if you are looking for an easy and even fun programming language to learn first. Instead of jumping to strict syntax rules, Python reads like English and is easy to understand for those new to programming. This way you get a basic understanding of coding conventions without having to bother with the smaller details that are often important in other languages.
Python is also ideal for web development, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and software development. In fact, it was used to create Instagram, YouTube and Spotify, so in addition to faster adoption, it is clearly in demand among employers.
Although Python has its advantages, it is often considered a slow language that requires more testing and is not as practical as other languages for mobile application development.


Java is an object-oriented and rich programming language that is in high demand. It is built on the “Write Once, Run Anywhere” principle, which means it can be written on any device and runs on multiple platforms.
This makes it one of the most sought after (yes, we mean highly paid) language skills. So if you want to learn a language that will lead you to a great career, this could be for you, especially since the top employers for Java developers are Ebay, Amazon and IBM.


PHP is one of the most popular backend programming languages. Although PHP faces strong competition from Python and JavaScript, the market still needs a large number of PHP developers. Those who want to join a fairly old organization as a backend developer should try to learn PHP programming.


JavaScript is another incredibly popular language. According to General Assembly, many of the websites you use every day rely on JavaScript, including Twitter, Gmail, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram. It is also important for adding interactivity to websites, as it interacts with HTML and CSS. Therefore, it is essential for front-end development and consumer facing websites, while it is becoming more and more important for back-end development and the demand is always increasing. Because of its popularity.

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